LIFE AFTER RUGBY: From lords of the field, to lords of the land

LIFE AFTER RUGBY: From lords of the field, to lords of the land

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Playing sports, including rugby, at a professional level is the dream of many, with the cream of talented individuals being household names season after season. And, while playing for their home country is the ultimate reward, once the sporting careers of these professional and semi-professional athletes come to an end, the players often actively seek engaging business ventures into which to throw themselves after the final whistle.

One such player who faced a similar prospect was James Thomas, Director of MGY Estate Agents in Cardiff. Formerly a Blues Academy, Blues British & Irish Cup and Cardiff RFC outside half, James migrated from playing rugby into the property industry in 2012 and he hasn’t looked back since. James approached his new career with the same drive and determination that he had showed on the field; and by honing his property skills and industry knowledge, he rose to Director level at MGY in just 4 short years and is now a shareholder.

Ex Cardiff and Wales player Terry Holmes is another well-known sporting personality who recognised the varied investment opportunities that the property industry offered and who, post illustrious sporting career, chose to make the move into the property market. Terry developed his own building company, which quickly became instrumental in providing building services, including executive refurbishments and property upgrades, to his previous team mates.

James maintained close links with the Blues and his successful transition from player to property agent is why many current players consult him on how the property sector could work for them. Recent commissions James has undertaken have included: finding property investment opportunities; property sales and purchasing; as well as building property portfolios and managing property lettings.

When advising those investing in the property industry, James considers property letting and development as prime areas for business development consideration, “Purchasing properties and developing a portfolio of rental properties is one alternative, or buying tired properties with a view to renovating and selling on can potentially be very rewarding. If you choose well, both are comparable to other investment opportunities”.

Whether interested in buying, selling, letting or property development, including commercial properties, clients may discuss their intentions with MGY and commission them to identify suitable properties that meet their criteria and be alerted as soon as they come on to the market. The MGY team provides a 360° service and offers guidance and advice to make the most financial sense per property, they are proud of their “unique working relationship with the players and feel privileged to be the estate agent of choice for so many of the Cardiff Blues past and present”.

Operating out of three offices strategically located across Cardiff, MGY’s property specialists and their in-house mortgage advisor, work together to achieve the same end goal, that is: satisfied clients. By applying an ethos not dissimilar to the Blues’ motto of ‘Strength through unity’, MGY provides an unparalleled package that combines all the services Wales’ sporting heroes could need to cultivate a second career, as equally successful as their first.

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