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Rent Smart Wales - Register by 23 November


LANDLORDS’ DEADLINE: Register by 23 November to be Legal

If you are a Landlord you must by now be aware that a deadline with serious legal implications is looming. That is, in order to continue operating as a Landlord (even if we manage your lets on your behalf), you need to become registered by 23rd November 2016.

In accordance with Part 1 of the Housing (Wales) Act 2014, all existing Landlords in Wales were given until November 2016 to ensure they complied – and that grace period is about to run out. Landlords operating without registration or a licence after this time will be committing an offence.

To ensure their compliance we have, for the past year, been advising our Landlords to take the following steps:

1)    Get Informed
Read up on your legal obligations by visiting (a site run in conjunction with Cardiff City Council). We also advise that you seek independent guidance from a legal advisor.

2)    Get Registered
You will be required to register as a Landlord online on the Rent Smart Wales site here: This registration requires up to date information about you and your rental properties in Wales (and takes approximately half an hour to complete. Please note that even if MGY manage your properties for you, we cannot register on your behalf - you will still need to register yourself.

3)    Get Licensed
If you self-manage your lets (that is if MGY does NOT manage your lets for you) you will also need to apply for a licence. You can find out more on licensing on the Rent Smart Wales site here: If we manage your lets on your behalf, you do not require a licence as we are a licensed Agent.

4)    Get Trained
In order to secure your licence, mandatory training is now required, so applying in advance of the deadline is recommended in order to attend. To find out more about the courses and training visit the Rent Smart Wales site here: Again, if we manage your lets on your behalf, you do not require training.

If you are a Landlord who self-manages your lets and would prefer MGY to manage your lets on your behalf in light of the changes in the Law, please contact Nicola Taylor on 02920 845063 to discuss our Letting Packages. Although you will still have to register, appointing us to manage your lets will save you the stress, hassle and cost of training and licensing in order to remain compliant.

If you are unsure whether you are classed as a Landlord or not, the Rent Smart Wales website clearly explains what legally defines you as a Landlord as well as your legal obligations. In addition to this there is a host of other useful information available including code of practice, as well as posters and leaflets useful for Landlords and tenants, which can be found on the Rent Smart Wales website here:

Should you still have further questions about Landlord registration and compliance, please contact Rent Smart Wales directly on 03000 133 344.

*As a registered agent, MGY offers the above information in an advisory capacity only, with a view to raising awareness among Landlords in Wales. MGY strongly recommends that all Landlords seek independent impartial advice from Legal representatives regarding the full extent of their legal obligations with regard to Landlord compliance.

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