Tenants’ Guide to the Renting Process

Please download the Rent Smart Wales guide, "A Home in the Private Rented Sector: a Guide for Tenants in Wales" by clicking here.

Step 1 – Before Renting

When you request to view an MGY rental property, our lettings staff will discuss certain details with you to ensure the rental will suit your needs.

We will ask for information regarding your employment and basic income, to establish your income to rent ratio. This protects you and ensures you only rent what you can afford.

Or, in the event that the rent would financially stretch you, you may be required to find a guarantor (that is someone who agrees to pay the rent in the event that you can’t).

We may also ask the term of tenancy you require, that is how long you intend to rent and when you anticipate moving on.

You should ask what the admin fees are and if there will be any special conditions applicable to the tenancy agreement.

And finally, upon deciding to rent a property, it may also be in your interest to ask whether the property is managed by MGY (i.e. it is an MGY Managed Property let) or by the Landlord (i.e. it is a Let Only Property let), so you know who you will be dealing with.

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Step 2 – Paying Admin Fees

Once you have found the right property, in order to reserve it (subject to references and contract) you will be required to pay an administration fee.

The admin fee is 25% of one month’s rent plus VAT (a minimum admin fee of £210 inclusive of VAT applies) plus £30 for each applicant.

The admin fee is non-refundable unless the landlord withdraws the property from the market.

If a guarantor is required, a fee of £30 each will also be required.

Once you have paid the admin fee and the funds have cleared you will be provided with a receipt as confirmation of payment.

This does not mean that the property is now yours to rent, a tenancy agreement will still need to be drawn up and references are still to be done.

However, the receipt does confirm that we will not carry out any further viewings on the property while your application is being processed.

Step 3 – Checking References

An application form will need to be completed for each adult moving into the property.

You will also be asked for photo ID – a copy of either your passport or your driving licence.

Where a guarantor is required they will also need to complete a guarantor application form.

References are carried out by a Credit Referencing service using the information you provided in the application form.


Step 4 – Signing Tenancy Agreement

Once satisfactory references have been obtained, you will be contacted to arrange a time to visit your local MGY office to sign the Tenancy Agreement.

You will be asked to pay the first month’s rent and the bond (or deposit) on this arranged day in cleared funds.

Contracts can only be signed when funds are paid or cleared.

We recommend you read the tenancy agreement before you sign and date so that you are aware of what you are signing.

You will also be asked to complete a Standing Order mandate for future rent payments, so that they are paid automatically. As the tenant, it is your responsibility to set up the Standing Order.


Step 5 – Property Condition & Utilities

At the time of signing the contracts, you will be given an information pack with a detailed Inventory & Schedule of Condition as well as photographs. You are advised to check that the information is a true reflection of the property, its condition and contents.

A copy of the current Gas Safety Certificate and the keys to the property will also be issued.

You are required to return the signed inventory document(s) to MGY within 7 days. If we do not receive a signed copy we will assume that you are in agreement with the details in the Inventory.

At the end of the tenancy, the property condition and its contents will be compared against this at your final check out inspection (please note your bond may be used to pay for damages, missing items or lack of maintenance).

The inventory will include meter readings for gas, electric and water if metered and, unless otherwise stated in your Tenancy Agreement, you will be responsible for all utilities.

For Let Only Properties it is your responsibility to inform all utility providers of your new tenancy and to arrange payment directly to them.

For MGY Managed Property lettings, we will notify the suppliers of the new readings and will also inform them that you are responsible for ongoing bills.  Cardiff Council will also be notified of the date occupied.  However please contact suppliers directly should you wish to set up payment plans.

Should you have any cleaning issues on arriving at the property please inform us (if managed by MGY) or your landlord (if a let only and managed directly by the landlord) within the first twenty-four hours. If we do not hear from you, we will assume you are happy with the property and its condition.

Step 6 – The Bond and TDS

MGY are members of the TDS (Tenancy Deposit Scheme). This means that your bond will be protected with the TDS for our managed properties and held in a separate Client Account.

You will be provided with a certificate, with the details of the bond, and a copy of the Leaflet ‘What is the Tenancy Deposit Scheme?’. The prescribed pages of the scheme will be attached to your tenancy agreement.

Contact details:
Tenancy deposit Scheme
PO Box 1255
Hemel Hempstead
Herts HP1 9GN

Please note if you rent a Let Only Property your bond may be registered with another scheme of the landlord’s choice.

Step 7 – Maintenance and Inspections

During your tenancy, whether your property is an MGY Managed Property let or a Let Only Property let, although the landlord has a responsibility to keep the property maintained and in good repair; as a tenant, you are responsible for the following:

  • Keeping the property clean and tidy and in good order.
  • Bleeding central heating radiators.
  • Changing light bulbs/fuses.
  • Checking smoke alarm batteries are working.K
  • Clearing and unblocking drains.
  • Keeping the property ventilated to avoid condensation problems.
  • Mowing lawns, maintaining gardens and outside spaces.
  • Maintaining/defrosting fridges and freezers.
  • Renewing the TV Licence.
  • Reporting any leaks as quickly as possible to avoid damage to the property.

Should you have general maintenance issues in a Let Only Property let, you will receive contact details for your landlord.

Should you have general maintenance issues in an MGY Managed Property let you may use the contact details below for the duration of your tenancy:

MGY Managed Property Maintenance

Tel: 029 20 845063 (North Cardiff)
Tel: 029 20 475191 Cardiff Bay

Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.30pm
Saturday 9.00am – 4.30pm

Out of hours emergency calls only
James Linden 07885 994121 or
Simon SCH Plumbing (for plumbing and heating only) 07976 371968

For MGY Managed Property lets, we will carry out regular routine inspections during your tenancy on behalf of our landlords.  This is to check that the property is being kept in good order and to note any repairs.  You will be notified in writing of these visits on a quarterly basis.

For Let Only Properties this should be discussed with your landlord directly.

Step 8 – Renewing your contract

If you are renting an MGY Managed Property, we will contact you via post, requesting your future intentions, approximately two months prior to the end of your tenancy. Should you wish to renew your contract on an MGY Managed Property let, a renewal admin fee of £48.00 including VAT would be payable.

Should the property be a Let Only Property then you are advised to discuss this with your landlord directly.

All tenancy renewals are for a further fixed period (either six or twelve months).

You will also have the option to continue the contract on a periodic basis (month by month continuing from the original agreement) if the landlord is in agreement.  If you are uncertain of your rights it may be worth seeking your own legal advice.

Step 9 - Vacating the Property

As a tenant you are required to give 30 clear days’ written notice prior to your contractual restart date.

The landlord is required to give two months’ notice.

Once you have given notice to vacate an MGY Managed Property, we will contact you in writing to confirm the procedure to handover the property.

For Let Only Properties these details should be discussed with the landlord directly.

On your check out date you will be met at the property by our check-out clerk (with the inward inventory if your property is an MGY Managed Property).  All personal items should have been removed and the property professionally cleaned, gardens cut to seasonal conditions and rubbish removed. All keys are to be handed over.

If the property is not ready for inspection, then there will be a charge of £50.00 inclusive of VAT to revisit the property. You may also be charged for rent per day until the property is handed over to MGY with all keys received.

If there is no dispute regarding the condition of the property and all rent is paid in full, the bond will be returned to you within 10 working days. You will need to provide MGY with your account details for the return of the bond, as well as giving us your forwarding address.

If there are any deductions to be made and an agreement cannot be reached, then the disputed amount will be held by TDS and the remainder sent back to the tenant. The disputed amount will then be held until the TDS make a final decision.

Please be advised that the above applies to MGY Managed Properties only. For Let Only Properties, details should be discussed with your Landlord directly.

For MGY Managed Properties final meter readings will be taken at the time of the checkout inspection and you will be asked for a forwarding address for the final bills to be sent to you for payment. Again if the property is a Let Only Property this should be confirmed by your landlord.