Selling Tips

Selling Tips

MGY Tips for Selling Success

Making the best possible first impression is key to selling your property swiftly.

Prospective purchasers are usually looking for homes that are clean and neat and require minimal renovations. Homes that are neutral and clutter free, with clearly defined spaces, help the purchaser see how their belongings can work in the space.

Refresh the property…

  • Freshen up your home with a coat of neutral paint, re-grouting bathroom/kitchen tiles can make them look almost new.
  • Have an industrial clean, it is essential to present the house in a spotless condition. Pay special attention to the carpets as well as the kitchen and bathrooms – consider purchasing new accessories (including the loo seat) and fresh towels.
  • Take down heavy curtains, install up-lighters for subtle lighting.
  • Put large pieces of furniture into storage, this will make rooms feel much bigger.
  • Make the space less personal – clear ornaments and photographs, especially posters in bedrooms.
  • Make sure your gardens, garages and sheds are well presented, cut lawns and fill outdoor pots with fresh plants.

On viewing day…

  • Always tidy and clean the house prior to viewings, first impressions count so make sure it is presentable.
  • Place fresh flowers in the entrance hall to make a good impression as viewers enter.
  • Odours can be off putting – remove pet beds etc and don’t smoke or cook foods with strong odours before a viewing.
  • Leave any pets with a neighbor.
  • Turn the lights on if it is a dark day and make sure the house is warm, as this is always more inviting.
  • Make sure the viewer is able to park their car at the property.
  • Go out and let the Agent carry out the viewing alone as some prospective purchasers feel pressured when the vendor is around.

Taking the time and effort to show your home at its finest will give you the best chance of a sale