Elevate Your Space: 2024's Interior Design Trends and Colours to Watch in Cardiff

28 December 2023

Christmas Opening Hours

20 December 2023

Santa needs you!

20 December 2023

Winter-Proofing Your Rental Properties: A Comprehensive Guide for Landlords

9 November 2023

Your MGY Wales Rugby World Cup Calendar

8 September 2023

Best Practice For Embarking On A Restoration Project

28 August 2023

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) Landlord Guidance

28 August 2023

Enhance Your Home With Plants: Discover 10 Reasons Why Indoor Plants Are Essential For Your Home

10 July 2023

Mortgage Update For Landlords

6 July 2023

Fitness of homes for human habitation: guidance for landlords

18 November 2022

No Chain

How Long to Move House Once Offer Accepted No Chain?

13 September 2022

smoke alarm

Fitness for human habitation: guidance for landlords & tenants - Smoke Alarms

26 May 2022


Fitness of homes for human habitation: guidance for landlords – Carbon Monoxide Alarms

9 May 2022

smoke alarm

Renting Homes Wales Act

21 April 2022

Best Practice - The 8 Steps For Selling Your Home

21 March 2022

International Women’s Day

8 March 2022

Who Can Get a Buy to Let Mortgage?

28 January 2022

#MgyLightUpChristmas Giveaway

13 December 2021

MGY expand to Pontcanna

1 October 2021

COVID-19 Update

2 March 2021

Pass the Parcel

16 November 2020

Help MGY support The Wallich and tackle homelessness.

COVID-19 Notice

24 March 2020

MGY’s response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

17 March 2020

House Prices in Wales Expected to Grow by 18% in 5 years

7 February 2020

Transfer of equity

4 December 2019

We are planning to transfer our jointly owned home into my partner's sole name to make the most of tax efficiencies - what should we consider?

Christmas 300 voucher

22 November 2019

How would you like to win £300 to spend this Christmas? We’re giving away an M&S voucher to the value of £300 for one lucky winner to spend on gifts, food, drinks, clothes for a truly magical Christmas!