VR Tours

VR Tours

The future of property marketing 24/7 with mgy virtual viewings

If the idea of keeping your property pristine for show days is making the idea of selling less appealing, we have the solution. Now you can present your home 24/7 with our inclusive MGY Virtual Tour Package, comprising high quality professional photographs and a fully immersive, lifelike online mgy virtual video tour to show off your property at its best all day every day.

  • Interior view – so realistic, prospective property purchasers feel as though they are actually walking through your home.
  • 3D scans – the latest 3D imagery allows viewers to see how all the rooms connect from every angle.
  • Floorplan – purchasers can see a highly detailed top down view of any floor of your property.
  • HD video – full colour, crisp clarity, high definition quality video of your entire home.
  • Quick to market – full 3D scans take just 90 minutes for a typical 3-bedroom property and are available to view within 24 hours.

So instead of having property purchasers streaming through your home, they can stream your property online instead, which means whether it’s laundry day, virtual conference day or the kids are enjoying a sleepover, family life can continue 24/7 – and so can your viewings.

Bird’s eye view gives the bigger picture

And if your property has an expansive footprint, beautiful landscaped grounds or is in a spectacular location – it will likely be best viewed from the sky! So ask us about our exclusive MGY Drone Footage Showcase.

Safety first 24/7 with mgy virtual tours

What’s more you’re assured of safety first 24/7 with mgy virtual tours. While the number of prospective purchasers able to view your home will significantly increase, only those seriously interested in purchasing will attend in person – reduced numbers of people in your home, means increased safety for you and your family.

Thinking of selling?

We’ll help you show and sell with confidence.